April 09, 2020

The Global Hack, that aims to fight against COVID-19, has begun!!!

The Global Hack team

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Hackers will work in multidisciplinary teams over a 48hr period to develop MVPs within tracks inspired by the UN sustainability goals, including sustainability, governance, education, environment, mental health & solidarity in action. Results announced April 12.

Kai Isand, head organiser of The Global Hack, believes shaping the event around tangible sustainability goals is the reason the event has attracted so much interest from participants, media, and partners from around the globe.

“COVID-19 has shown us that the worst of times can be the best of times when it comes to showing just how powerful we can be when we unite to face a challenge together,” she said. “This is the very beginning of saying goodbye to old-world mentalities of ‘us vs. them’ and the start of a global shift that recognises that we are all in this together.

The global tech community has embraced the movement resulting in over 53 countries, over 5,000 ideas generated, and hundreds of professionals connecting all over the world. We fight together against coronavirus. We work together on solutions. We do it together to change the world,” says Isand.

Isand believes it’s this ongoing global support for The Global Hack that is the reason why the event attracted €195,000 in prize pool funding, with €60,000 of that funding from the European Commission. She believes this also helped attract world-class thought leaders to mentor the teams, as well as helped in gaining the media’s attention worldwide resulting in stories on CNN, Forbes, New Yorker, Silicon Republic and other top tier publications.

“It’s wonderful to see world-class mentors and inspirational leads such as chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, Silicon Valley tech superstar Sam Altman, neurotechnologist Princess Khaliya, futurist Thomas Ermecora, venture capitalist and author Brad Feld, creative director at IDEO Mitch Sinclair, American actress, activist Sophia Bush and many more showing support for the event,” said Isand.

The Global Hack event has virtually partnered scientists, tech enthusiasts, business leaders, project managers, marketing experts, designers, and innovators from around the world with one another to exchange ideas and develop creative and practical solutions

“It’s good to see that whilst the crisis track is popular, teams are forward-looking, so tracks like education, health, empowerment and mental health have a lot of interest,” said Isand.

For more information, or to access visual assets, contact:

Elis Tootsman(+372) 506 6145 elis@accelerateestonia.ee

https://theglobalhack.com Follow the hack on Slackand Facebook event