Mental Health

The circumstances can be mentally challenging as relationships will be under pressure and many will feel lonelier than ever before.

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Public health specialist, neurotechnologist and humanitarian
We can figure out ways to keep healthy - both mentally and physically -in the midst of this pandemic if we are creative and collaborative. Together we are strong. Together we have the power to create change. Together we have the power to help.

Why Mental Health?

A sudden change in circumstances can be mentally challenging, whether it’s losing a loved one, a job or even just political upheaval. All these factors combine in this crisis in ways that most of us have never seen during our lifetimes. In addition, relationships will be put under considerable pressure and many will be lonelier than ever before, which is one of the most significant contributing factors to ill mental health.

However, it’s ok not to be ok at any time, not just during this crisis, and this affects all of us. Mental health challenges are far less visible than physical health challenges, but they are just as important and just as deserving of solutions. If we can surge healthcare capacity to fight the virus then how can we make a similar effort to improve mental health.

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While no one can control a pandemic, we can have collective impact as a nation from finding solutions to COVID19 and revival measures post-crisis.

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Challenges set by our partners

by Estonian Social Insurance Board

Too much free time or not enough meaningful involvement?

Studies have shown that too much free time for youngsters can lead to self harm, risk behaviour and victimization. During times of crises when direct social inerraction and mobilty is limited, how do we keep our young generation (13-19 years old) safe and meaningfully active? We need a community based solution that will help engage young people in to acitivites that will empower the youth and strenghten the local community.

by Pipedrive

How to cope with stress and anxiety created by the isolation and uncertainty

We have been given instructions on how we can contribute to flatten the curve, to keep our risk-groups more safe by washing our hands, keeping our distance and reserving time for them to go stock up their supplies. This gives us a sense of controllable actions, and therefore reduces anxiety. How can we support people to retake control of their mental health; those who are struggling to find a great work-life or digital versus real life balance, who are crippled by the fear of not knowing if they will have any income on the next payday, or find it challenging to be with their children 24/7 and not having a single moment of break. Let’s join forces and build solutions to get the help we need before it breaks us.

by Smart Everyting Everywhere

Body and mind

An instrument that will help us maintain overall good mental health while isolated at home during this crisis. The instrument will help suggest and keep track of daily habits that can keep us healthy both physically, as well as mentally

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by Universal Music Group

Helping listeners

The worldwide social and economic impacts of COVID-19 can leave many feeling stressed, anxious, fearful and isolated. There’s great potential that the emotions being experienced in these circumstances will have larger, long-term effects on overall mental health in the future. So, it’s important to focus efforts now on developing new and innovative methods to maintain and restore mental wellness.

Music can be a very strong tool in helping listeners to reach a desired state of mind and being. Using music, design ways to address mental health issues that may arise from COVID-19.

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We have the winners!

Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

10 000€

Our idea is solving the problem of people in quarantine not being able to go to wellness centers or mental-health clinics and perform assisted therapy, assisted meditation\relaxation routines or assisted immersive embodied therapies.

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We aim to impact the 450 million people around the world that are suffering from mental health issues. Our algorithms would also reduce the hassle for the psychologists of taking notes. For psychologists, it is tough to keep themselves alert in all the sessions with the same level of concentration. Our algorithm provides them with a patient dashboard that would help them give the right advise even if they miss something.

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Act On Crisis

Before this crisis approx 12% of the world's population was in need of psychological support. There’re currently 3bln people in lockdown which means at least 360mln are experiencing strong emotional imbalance. Yet they don't have access to secure online emotional support which would fit their cultural background.

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To disrupt the entire mental health industry. The use of AI and nlp technology in the hands of mental health professionals can vastly improve the lives of billions around the world.

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Amica is your social sidekick when friends seem to be slipping away and contact is being lost. We want to help people have more enriching relationships with their friends by monitoring their relationships in a gameified way.

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Corona Therapists

A website platform for engaging with individuals

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Self-Development Advice based on Personality Science powered by Bot & Community of Practioners

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Connectivity platform to match lonely people through anonymous voice-calls

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Give On LIVE!

With much of the world social distancing, we are called to distance, but not isolate. There are many free resources to help with getting through this time. Livestream helps watchers feel connected, however, the platforms are so scattered, its very difficult for people to find.

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Transform online mental healthcare by putting our customers needs and wishes in the centre of the processes. We offer help navigating the often confusing mental health landscape by personalized suggestions and science based matching service with a mental health professional.

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fam cam

We have built a working prototype to of a plug-n-play webcam which allows families to chat from their living rooms' big TV. Suitable for older people, no setup needed, it comes with a pre-loaded video calling software and account (like your new phone number).

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Our goal is to give support to those people that due to the lockdown have to overcome their anxiety issues alone. We didn’t want to create a medial solution, but a supporter, as if it was a friend. The strength of our solution is its immediacy.

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Motiv Social Diary

The need to prioritize mental health has been made more pertinent with the global COVID19 pandemic and the social distancing or isolation policies. On this note, we aim to build a social diary where people are able to share their thoughts online via different mediums like text and images. What we want to do is also be able to pinpoint cases or trends of people experiencing a valley in their lives so that the necessary help and support can be rendered.

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IT Psychological Support

This app would bring is making feel people less lonely with their thoughts and their issues. Everybody is going through hard time. COVID19 is a pandemic therefore the app is expected to bring a great positive impact around the globe.

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