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The outbreak is rapidly changing the way we consume information and connect with each other.

Sophia Bush

Actress, Activist, Podcast Host

Why Media & Entertainment?

This is the first pandemic of the information age. The outbreak has coincided with a period in which the internet is rapidly changing the way we consume information and connect with each other, both for better and for worse. We can all more easily create and share our own content, which creates new opportunities but also new dangers. People will now be spending even more time online consuming content, but people risk being misled, shut off from information, and radicalised into extreme views. How can we instead collectively emerge into a better informed and more transparent world?

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By UN SDG Action Campaign

How can we best leverage multimedia formats and opportunities in offline or online channels to increase awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals?

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness across sectors, regions and generations with specific focus on health, economic development, environment and on social inclusion. All those topics are contained in The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, agreed upon by all governments in 2015 with a shared vision of improving the lives of people everywhere, whilst protecting our planet. The agenda commits to the essentials that every human being needs, now and in the future, from health to decent work to clean air to reliable institutions. This agenda contains 17 measurable Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. Five years into the 2030 Agenda, we still need actions, creativity and champions to scale up awareness and involvement of people on the Sustainable Development Goals. How can we best leverage multimedia formats and opportunities in offline or online channels to increase awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and even more importantly accelerate action towards their achievement?Lastly, how can we leverage this time of crises to put in motion behavioural shifts that can be sustained beyond the crises?

by Universal Music Group

Bringing artists and fans together

Music has long been a unifier and source of solace through difficult and challenging times. That role is as important today as ever.\ \ While the need for social distancing prevents us from experiencing music communally these days, music’s technological advancements provide great opportunities to develop new approaches for fans and artists to connect and engage. The goal of this challenge is to design applications that bring artists and fans closer together.

by Ministry of Rural Affairs, Estonia

E-tool to demand and supply of language education

How could we get Estonian speakers to help out non-Estonian speakers with language speaking practice.\ \ In Estonia, approximately 30% of the population do not speak Estonian as their native language. Due to that, this is negatively affecting not only their job prospects and the level of income, but also their ability to participate in society on an equal basis with Estonian speakers.\ \ Over the past years, interest towards learning Estonian language has risen, however due to COVID-19, all language courses have been cancelled. In addition, there is a great number of people who would like to practice their language skills and not lose what they have acquired, during the courses. There is a need for voluntary Estonian speaking people, who would help keep language learners’ speaking practice active.\ \ All of these people are currently grounded at home. In the time of social distancing, this is an opportunity for distant socialising.

by Telia

Challenge by Telia

The challenge is to reduce the amount of “fake news” in our (tv) broadcasts and increase media literacy of regular content viewers. This could be achieved by highlighting the sources on which the (tv) broadcasts are based up-on and what is the agenda of the person (a politician, a doctor, a businessman etc) delivering the message.

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Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

10 000€

Though the total usage of internet-streaming services has surged by between 50% and 70%, starting from January 2020, most of the popular platforms are still hard to monetize as they do not offer pay per view option and their links are easily sharable.

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Pandemic made travel almost impossible, and for people from risk groups, such as 50+, it will probably be still hard to travel for an extended period of time even after the situation normalizes. As a tourism expert, I expect that tourism activities have a dramatic decrease on the long run.

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Mingle Video

We hope to solve the aforementioned video communication issues in communities that are larger than 5 and smaller than 25. That is, we want to make it easy to reach out to your peers and to collaborate more organically.

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With lockdown, the performing arts are suffering from the lack of direct contact and "energy transfer" between performers and audience. We are creating a platform where audience is visible to the artist and to each-other, much like on the real venue at the event or festival, by turning their webcams on and allowing capture the pictures of the spectators.

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Art is fundamental in the daily life, yet it became kind of luxury being sold by galleries. It is not widely accessible as it could be. Young artists on the other hand struggle with getting presented by galleries, so they have to promote their art with Instagram and other socials. There is no way people can "try" the art before buying it.

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We have designed an innovative economic system powered by blockchain, to run the first Decentralised Global Collective of Creators.

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We hope to reduce the spread of misinformation specifically about the spread, treatments of Covid-19 which is potentially more harmful than the virus itself. There have been so many cases of needless death all of which could be prevented by the right information delivered in a manner that reaches across different age groups

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MyBubble takes the technology to help measure social distance, gamifies it to recognize and reward, and wraps it together with a positive attitude to make social distancing fun!

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Event Search

We want to help event organizers promote their online events absolutely for free.

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We're thinking beyond COVID-19 pandemic, so we built an Airbnb-like platform to book artists globally via live streaming. Imagine getting Richard Marx, Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran to perform at your birthday party, virtually!

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Sci-Fiction Thinking for Purpose solutions


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