Technology can transform the public sector although the change has so far lagged far behind that of the private sector.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of Estonia
The crisis is far from over and the fight is real, but the future is now. We can battle the problems of the immediate crisis with solutions that also increase our longer-term resilience. We must also develop effective solutions to respond to future pandemics and other crises so we never have to hide again.

Why governance?

Technology by itself is neither good nor bad in a political sense. Advancements in technology can be used for the empowerment of citizens, as well as their repression. It’s also important to understand that technology is not neutral. It changes the political landscape and has far reaching, often unintended consequences. One concern has been that online solutions could stop working, which could have disastrous effects for how we govern. For the first time though, we have realised during this pandemic that offline solutions can also stop working and sometimes digital is our only alternative. This pandemic is therefore likely to accelerate the pace of change in govtech, which provides an opportunity for smarter solutions to radically improve democracy, trust and transparency. To achieve this, we will need not just innovations in technology, which may already exist anyway, but also innovations in administrative processes and legal frameworks. We must also not lose sight of our values.

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by GloCha Global Challenges Foundation New York Inc

#GloCha challenge

In the current corona-crisis many societal stakeholders like citizens, local communities, schools, universities, companies, civil society organizations etc. recognise that they have valuable resources to contribute to an effective, equitable and sustainable response to the crisis.\ \ But there is a lack of coordination and innovation capacity among existing public institutions on local, national and international level – the natural leaders for public good delivery collaboration.\ \ This local and global multistakeholder engagement gap is the focus of the present #GloCha challenge – a global public sector innovation initiative.

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by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

How Health Sector Regulators can take effective decisions?

\ Public health agencies are dealing with outbreak with the means they have like collecting information, assessing the situation, communication to the public and even forcing restrictions. Countries have made different measure to reduce physical contact between people and in this way limit the spreading of the virus. How can the decision makers compare different options?

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by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

What Research Community needs to learn and understand?

Even during the outbreak, we should have reliable scientific evidence for the preventive actions. How can we do research faster without sacrificing credibility? What is needed for rapid scientific research? In the short and long run, we need to base the views and recommendations on data. How can we collect valid and complete data sets in real time?\ Data is available in different formats (CSV, JSON, XML).

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We have the winners!

Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

10 000€

Parliaments are put on hold because of the covid-19 pandemia. Some parliaments around the world still meet in person and are setting a conflicting signal to the general public. Our solution, pandemia-government is an online space where parliamentary business can be conducted in a safe, transparent fashion.

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With only a small amount of data, cautio is able to provide governmental authorities, hospital workers and researchers with valuable information on the development of the COVID-19 in different sectors of society on a population-wide basis.

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The focus of LookOut is on improving the connect between the public and the government, hence ensuring proper governance being followed in a fast track manner, during these emergency situations it becomes imperative to lessen this disparity between the areas, to ensure that essentials are being received by everyone, and in an equitable manner.

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Data4Life Initiative

The solution helps contain the spread of the virus, achieve faster societal and economic recovery and build post COVID-19 resilience through actionable, evidence based, insights.

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**COVID Wave Command Center**

A solution for massive contact tracing that produced data to understand specific locations of the outbreaks.

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Coronavirus Alert App

Our solution targets top decision-makers across government organizations. We believe that change comes from a top-down approach and if we can equip them with the right information and tools, we can be a part of saving the lives of millions.

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Open Prescription

A platform for authenticating and signing medical prescriptions by validated doctors using digital identity and linked to drug dispensing tracking.

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Authorities, organizations and practitioners will be able to resume and scale their operations online without having to compromise privacy or trust

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App for victims of domestic violence to document and find support, with a hidden log in and chat function.

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Innovation Barometer

Public Sector Innovation is acknowledged as being vital to drive better outcomes for citizens. However, ‘you cannot manage what you are not measuring,’ and in New Zealand we do not provide public sector senior leaders with measurement data, trends, benchmarks or examples to show how to lift its innovative ability.

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