Frequently asked questions

What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is an intense brainstorming marathon where people with different skills get together, exchange ideas, form teams around the best ideas and develop working prototypes over the course of 48 hours. The brainstorming sessions are well structured, and the teams are helped throughout the weekend by world-class mentors.

When does the hackathon take place?

The hackathon will take place on 9-12 April. You have 48 hours to collaborate and build a solution within the tracks. We’ll start with a kick-off session on 9April (Time: 13.00 UTC) and end the hackathon on Sunday, 12 April (Time: TBA) with the announcement of the results.

Where is The Global Hack organized?

Our hackathon will take place exclusively online. We use Slack workspace as the main platform for communication and Devpost platform for the hackathon submissions. These online services are completely free to use for attendees.

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Are there prerequisites for participation?

We’re looking for brilliant people from every corner of the globe. Field experts, scientists, tech enthusiasts, business leaders, project managers, marketers, designers & innovators, are all welcomed to join. The key attribute here is “motivation to act”.

How many can participate?

There is no limit to the number of participants. The more the merrier.

Will we get any support during the hackathon?

Our mentors will be by your side throughout the hackathon. The Global Hack mentors are experts in their tracks and will support you with their feedback and knowledge during the course of several check-ins over the 48 hours.

What about the team size?

The minimum requirement of team members is 2 people. As you have to coordinate within your team, we recommend a manageable team size up to 12 members to be effective. But if you want to go with a larger team, we have no objections. If you’re looking for brand new team members, head to Slack. 

Can I register as a team / company?

Yes, in the registration form you are asked to mark whether you are building your idea from scratch or you are building a new feature for existing tech. Both are welcomed and will be evaluated separately.

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Where can I submit my challenge?

If you don’t have a team yet to solve a challenge - join Slack, recruit team members and then submit your team alongside the challenge for review in Devpost(linked on our landing page) If you are a Government organization or Sponsor company - submit your challenge here. Each challenge sponsor is allowed to submit only one challenge.

Where can I submit my challenge?(government organisation or sponsor company)

If you are a government organization or sponsor company - submit your challenge here. Each challenge sponsor is allowed to submit only one challenge.

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Can I submit already existing projects?

Yes, please! During the past few weeks, we’ve seen an impressive number of initiatives to develop digital solutions and infrastructure to face the coronavirus crisis and do urge you for further development of these projects.

We have immense respect for your work, so please feel free to submit your existing challenge and the team working to improve it, like every other team. We expect that you continue developing your solution further during the hackathon. Phrase your challenges and emphasize how you will scale it or improve it.

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What is the Team & Challenge submission evaluation?

The submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria: team size - if the team is able to deliver the results (do you have all the necessary competences to build your idea); are you in the right Track; and feasibility, viability and possible impact on the society.

Remember that in this hackathon, we are looking for stuff that can actually be useful, either in saving lives, saving communities or saving businesses. Focus on solving the problem, the business model is not too important at this point.

Who owns the intellectual property of the hackathon projects?

Always the team who created the project - not The Global Hack organizing team nor our partner companies.

Is there a participation fee?

No. You do not have to pay anything to take part of The Global Hack. 
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Why do we need this hackathon?

In the upcoming weeks, months and perhaps even years we will have to face a great number of challenges during and in the aftermath of the viral pandemic. Our resilience is being tested. Health systems, transportation, logistics, mobility services, food security, governmental services are jeopardized. We face millions of challenges, today, tomorrow and many months from now.

 Our society is blessed with an abundance of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We can use the best of this to maintain and create a sustainable and resilient future. If we take action together, we can do what is needed.

Who are the people behind The Global Hack?

The Global Hack is a global initiative which unites the Hack the Crisis movement and the 40+ hackathons organized in the frames of this movement. The core initiative comes from the team who organized the very first hackathon 13-15 of March and who are passionate about solving the huge ongoing crisis that concerns everyone at the moment (the people are from Garage48, Accelerate Estonia, Guaana and Mooncascade). BUT this is truly a global effort and movement involving communities and organizers from all over the world.

What are the terms and conditions of The Global Hack

Please read the participant agreement and code of conduct to get to know the terms and conditions more closely.

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Where do we upload the prototype?

Guaana links will become available prior to prototype submissions.

How do we present our prototype?

Teams need to upload a video demo (to youtube, vimeo or any other openly accessible video platform) of the prototype explaining what the problem is being solved and how, what the impact is and proof of concept. If it’s an app or service, a link to the deployed build is a bonus.

When is the deadline to upload our prototype?

See the Agenda page as the deadlines may change.

How refined does the prototype have to be?

It’s a two day hackathon. No need to over do things that you will not have time to present or are not vital to functionality. We don’t want to see registration forms, log ins etc. Don’t build out the whole product or service. Core mechanics are the value. Focus on that. Use existing stacks, design resources, etc and build a working prototype not mockups.

How do we do the checkpoints with the team mentor?

Use zoom, hangouts, skype, or any other url-accessible video conference service. Take a minute to get to know the service beforehand so you don’t waste any valuable time during the checkpoint.

Can our team get a private Slack channel?

Yes. Do it yourself once accepted and inside your track workplace.