Measures to combat coronavirus have helped reduce pollution dramatically. We now need to figure how to continue doing so.

Samantha Cristoforetti

Italian European Space Agency astronaut

Why Environment?

Before this coronavirus crisis began, our planet was already in a climate crisis – although with less consensus about the urgency of the issue and less cooperation aimed at solving it.

Now, measures to combat coronavirus have unintentionally helped our environment as pollution has reduced dramatically. Will our planet return to its previous ways after this crisis or will we discover a new appreciation for our temporarily cleaner world, as well as new ideas to work together to clean it up even more?

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Challenges set by our partners

by World Cleanup Day

Stop the casually accepted littering of cigarette butts

6 trillion cigarettes are smoked annually out of which 4,5 trillion butts end up in nature every year. As cigarette butts are small and don't seem harmful, they are too often littered. Cigarette butts take up to 15 years to degrade in the environment and killing living beings. How we can clean up all the cigarette butts from nature after COVID-19 as there is a threat that butts are infected with virus. How we avoid cigarette butts to end up in nature?

Re-organise our activities to benefit the environment

The current crisis offers us a great opportunity to re-think our social and economic systems.\ Coronavirus comes together with deep economic crisis. As governments, businesses and people are focused on crises and how to deal with its consequences, the environmental topic is most probably the subject to postpone. This can lead us even to greater economic crises that comes from climate change that is speeding up due to pressure to economic growth. Failure in climate change mitigation could lead to greater human life and economic losses.\ How we can use the model how we fight with coronavirus to tackle the environmental challenges? The world needs to demonstrate the same unity and commitment to climate action and cutting greenhouse gas emissions as to containing the Coronavirus pandemic.\ The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed humanity’s instinct to transform itself in the face of a universal threat and it can help us do the same to create a livable planet for future generations.\ On an individual level how we can re-organise our activities to benefit the environment? How the governments can use the economic stimulus packages as a tool to catalyze the transformation to restorative and sustainable society?\ How to help businesses quikly find a circular economy models as the way to restore their businesses.

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Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

Material Mapper
10 000€

A market research to validate the problem statement - a survey and thorough in-person meetings with all major property developers, municipalities, demolishing, recycling and construction companies in Norway.

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The disinfection station will provide a holistic solution for a hygiene method as a global standard. By providing easy, affordable and barrier-free access to hand disinfection, we can help reduce the spread of viruses like corona, both within Europe and abroad. We achieve such extensive coverage by coupling UV lamps with our upcycled solar generators, allowing it to be a truly sustainable and inclusive solution that can be brought to exactly where it's needed.

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BD Waste Recovery Platform

This platform enables the 10,000 people who lost their job during this pandemic to gain extra income while recycling trash, get 20% of the waste generated in Africa recycled in the first three years of operation and save our environment from climate change.

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An online search engine for sustainable products and services with reliable eco-social certificates endorsed by sustainability experts.

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The App connects people and uses gamification mechanics to incentivize users in taking action with the goal to create a better future and save our home and only planet, the A World.

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Alt. Soap

In order to contribute in the fight against COVID-19, we created a solidarity system as the following : 1 soap bought = 1 soap given to Associations, NGOs for vulnerable communities.

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We developed an app called react. React is a social engagement app that empowers millennials on how to hack the environmental crisis individually and connect the users to create even bigger impact by crowd-hacks. The app displays the positive impact of individuals and/or the crowd right after each completed challenge and rewards them with trophies. The trophies can be redeemed in real life due to our global sustainable business partners.

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Taking an indexed approach that uplifts all skills and solutions. Enabling citizen to offer their skills, by leveling the playing field with proof of impact adjusted by time sensitivity. Global participation is now made accessible so infinite human ingenuity to accelerate response time to heal all is unlocked. Ultimate impact is to mitigate Anthropocene and Capitalocene that sets conditions for crisis once and for all.

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Sustainable water management in High Andean Region

We are expecting that our proposal has a great impact specially in governments in order to encourage them to take corrective and permanent actions in favor of the environment.

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Green Spotter

We want to empower civilians to build environmentally conscious futures, by connecting people to each other through local sustainability initiatives. Our platform, Green Spotter, helps users connect with other people and sustainability initiatives in their communities.

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