How can we come together through this crisis and achieve greater equality and access to opportunities instead?

Manal Rostom

Nike ambassador, marathoner & Surviving Hijab community leader

Why Empowerment?

A large proportion of our planet has been lifted out of poverty over recent decades, largely thanks to new opportunities from trade and technology. Yet we still live in a world of vast inequalities. This pandemic will affect everyone on Earth, but some will be negatively impacted more than others, especially those who are already among the poorest and most vulnerable.

One particular area of concern affects the safety of women. Lockdown measures are predicted to result in a rise in domestic violence, which will be made worse by the fact that there may be less opportunities to find safety and authorities may have less resources to help.How can we come together through this crisis and achieve greater equality and access to opportunities instead?

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Top 3 teams

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Urgent resource needs (volunteers, PPE, care home staff) are not being met because supply networks (staff agencies, volunteer bodies, manufacturers) are too fragmented for already stretched institutions to process in time. This puts strain on those triaging the deployment of resources to resource consumers (hospitals, care homes, isolating households) and leaves the vulnerable exposed, to the point of costing lives.

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The StaySafe app is a platform that helps people to help each other in an interactive, efficient and sustainable way by connecting the local force of volunteers(our heroes) with the people who need some help (including the risk groups) through integrations of maps and simple task management.

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Our accessible platform will raise awareness about positive societal developments and inspire citizens to take collective action towards a more sustainable future. We will overcome societal, territorial, and technological barriers to empower the world and create a global community with a richly diverse narrative.

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Hourtime focuses on sharing the time and skills of all stakeholders to meet various tasks and establishes the foundations for a cross-generational relationship beyond the simple need. In such a way, all the users, the elderly included, are active part of the system putting emphasis to the contribution that each individual can give to another.

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Revolution the way people help each other around the world by building a solid layer of trust by ensuring helpers know for sure, their donations are supporting the actual people in need, they decided to help and everything is complaining with their own country laws.

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SoSpesa allows to sustain and support the communities we relish. SoSpesa tackles three main areas of action: Storing and sharing information, by saving and displaying your information (grocery list and storage), and allowing you to easily signal whether first-necessity products are available.

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Our tool is created for tech savvy and non-tech savvy people (no apps, no signups) and provides on demand volunteers to people nearby.

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Zelos COVID-Help

We created a solution where local leaders can offer support to their community while civilian volunteers join their efforts during any crisis and beyond.

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Spaced is a mobile app for empowering people to stop subsequent spikes of COVID-19 after quarantines are lifted by being able to see how populated public spaces are and the best way to get to an essential location with contacting the least amount of people.

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Connect aims to help daily wage workers find alternative ways to make money during the crisis.

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