Crisis Response

How do we help medical workers and emergency response personnel and what lessons can we all take forward for the next crisis?

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Why Crisis Response?

Medical workers and other emergency response personnel will be on the frontline of this pandemic, although many others will be working behind the scenes to support them, and every single person has a duty to help them by preventing the spread of the virus.

This is not a drill, but it will test us all to the extreme. How do we help those who help us and what lessons can we all take forward for the next crisis?

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While no one can control a pandemic, we can have collective impact as a nation from finding solutions to COVID19 and revival measures post-crisis.

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Challenges set by our partners

by The European Commisision

Data access and tracking

Across all those challenges, the Commission will foster the use of space data and services (Copernicus images, Galileo positioning), which can be a key enabler for many of the challenges.

by European Commission

Trust-id-id vs. Cov-id

A system for sharing, in a secure and convenient way, trustworthy information about you relevant for the management of Covid-19 crisis. This trustworthy information would be digitally stored as credentials / attestations issued to you by the authorities responsible for accrediting its validity and veracity. For example, this system would serve to prove to your HR department that you have gone through the disease and cannot infect other people, and therefore you can be sent back to work, by means of an attestation given to you by your hospital, or to justify in front of a policeman that you have not respected the confinement because you are part of the essential workforce, by means of an attestation given to you by your company.

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PanEquity – Data and Digital Innovation for Equitable and Timely Policy Responses to COVID-19

In the COVID-19 crisis the most marginalized are not only more affected by the disease but are also more affected – socially and economically - by our (governance) responses to the pandemic. Call it the double injustice of COVID-19.

Questions for the public sector in this context are i.a., how can we factor such inequalities into our responses and how can we increase the transparency of our responses in terms of their equity and distributional effects?

We hope that through our GlobalHack challenge, we will find partners, innovative solutions and resources for the creation of new platforms and citizens engagement tools that will help feeding real-time data about equity dimensions of policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

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by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

What tools should Health Professionals have?

\ COVID-19 outbreak creates a huge burden on the health system. The challenge is to organise and optimise the testing of infections. New testing methods and tools are emerging. How can we get the full benefits from new tests, how can we guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the tests and how can we evaluate and optimise our testing strategies?

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by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

How Public Health Agencies can manage the outbreak more efficiently?

One challenge during the outbreak is to organise the health care. Preliminary data from the EU/EEA (from the countries with available data) show that around 20-30% of diagnosed COVID-19 cases are hospitalised and 4% have severe illness. Hospitalisation rates are higher for those aged 60 years and above, and for those with other underlying health conditions. How can we reduce the burden in health care? How can we focus the re-sources to achieve best outcome? How can we target the control measures? ECDC maintains risk assessments which are available on the web site.

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by City of Milano

Digitalisation Improvement

Everyone is currently locked down in his apartment and a lot of administrative procedures need the presence of the user. This heavily contributes to the system' block. How might we exploit new technologies to ensure data security without the need of original paper documents?

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We have the winners!

Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

Autonomous UV Disinfectant Robot

We built and integrated UV lamps to our existing robot,the uv lamps work using AC power supply, so we managed to hack into the UPS used in computers and created a power supply that can take DC supply from the Robot and convert it into AC Supply required for uv lamps, we also created a UI in which the UV lamp can be enabled remotely, as well as autonomous.

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Victims of Novel Corona virus develop acute respiratory failure and requires support of mechanical ventilation. Ventilators are highly expensive of about 4-5 lakhs. Conventional BVM bag compression which is low cost causes barotrauma, rupture of alveoli. The remote rural areas across the world are inaccessible to healthcare. Our idea is to create Low-cost, portable ventilator based on air-turbine for mass casualty cases with estimated cost of 10K Rs.

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Killing Super Bugs

IoT disinfecting tracking sensor platform to monitor contaminated surfaces and equipment

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Social Distancing Supervision System

As an idea to solve this problem, we worked creatively to innovate a Social Distancing Supervision System. We implied in our solution video processing to spot crowd density. An input real-life video is intoduced to our application from a crowded place to analyze and report the measured distance status between individuals. As a result, a real life feed of the camera with all neeeded distance calcultations is provided to the superviser. Add to that, we started representing our data in a web dashboard that we will make more interractive in the future.

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During the hack we have reached the full "CPAP" breathing support solution together with the monitoring system. Also we built an subjective feeling feedback app that hospitals will now be testing to utilise to remote-monitor the risk-group patients. And managed to build a platform where you can donate your CPAP breathing aid machine for the hospitals.

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This app will help bring safe mobility back to the nations and in the containment of COVID-19. CoviFight helps trace the spread of the COVID-19 and sterilise places with the virus. It integrates with the medical and transportation system of a country and maintains the privacy of the users. It informs the medical system accurately about the spread of infection. It also helps the authorities to make sure if a person who is tested positive stays in his/her quarantined location. It provides a dashboard for all to see which places may be infected.

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Aqua Sanitizer

Our solution is expected to not only help humans but also other land and aquatic animals, affected due to the large usage of bleaching powder as disinfectant. Additionally, our anti-pathogenic product will be able to maintain a hygienic environment and prevent such pandemics in the future.

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Road to Life

When disaster strikes, it is common for a hospital or even a city to quickly become overwhelmed with patients, whereas the neighboring regions might have capacity. Even if the infrastructure and transport capacities are sufficient, the coordination is often very poor. The capability to build a detailed plan in advance would allow the load to be evenly distributed across a number of facilities, resulting in better individual care for the patients.

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We expect that this app will make the community stronger where individuals will help each other in need. We also expect that organizational bodies will be able to better track problems and provide the required solutions. This app should bring about a sense of unity among people so that every one of us can stand together during any crisis and come out on top.

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Next Gen Antiviral Mask

Next Generation Cost-effective Reusable Antiviral Mask: Self-healing Flexible PPE Equipment Exploiting the Novel Quantum Dot embedded Self-healing Nano-matrix.

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Our mission is to offer access to affordable and quality healthcare supplies to patients around the world by improving the trust and efficiency of the supply chain system with Blockchain technology.

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There are 3 billion of us in lockdown, yet we still need to go shopping, to the pharmacy or to work. The WHO and CDC claim that lack of social distancing is the main reason the virus spreads. Not knowing where crowded areas are when going out, or queuing in front of stores and pharmacies for a long time make proper social distancing impossible.

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By orchestrating and matching hospitals and producers based on resource demand and supply, we expect to bring the ends together. On top of that we offer the hospital a solution to predict their demands in resources based on the regional COVID cases. This will lead to a better and faster allocation of protective equipment and the required medical resources.

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VinCense Covid-19 Risk Detection Protocol

Our solution helps the government to prescreen their people to check whether their vitals are in range or not basically to precheck before advance testing. Our platform helps in mass digital prescreening with 90 percent reduction in time and cost.

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All around the world, millions of people have gone into mandatory quarantine. Transit and attention restrictions make it hard for us to do any daily shopping. That means that if anyone runs out of an essential item such as soap or aspirins, they have no way of getting them in a timely manner. Can you imagine running out of toilet paper?

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