Arts & Creativity

Crises pose serious new challenges to creatives as budgets, funding and exposure will be strained for the foreseeable future.

John Robb

Musician, writer, activist, author of 9 books on pop culture, founder of Louder Than War website

Why Arts & Creativity?

Arts in its many different forms from music to theatre and from films to video-gaming and comedy is essential for helping us find purpose, beauty and comfort in life. Arts & creativity do not just enlighten and entertain us but help us process life around us. Looking deeper, we find that arts and creativity also form the pillars of our economy and competitive edge.

As concert halls, theatres, museums and libraries around the world go dark and thousands of gigs, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, galas and sports games have been cancelled or postponed, we need to ensure that we will have this vibrant cultural life to go back to. It’s not a luxury but a public good that also keeps cities and communities alive, draws tourists and business and provides a playfield for self-expression and innovation.

No one knows when life returns to normal for the creators, companies and organisations in the sector, furthermore, it’s hard to tell what the “new normal” will be. For the time being, the activities, income streams and funding have been strained. It is time to upgrade the sector’s capacity to innovate - not only by temporary solutions to overcome a few months but by strengthening the groundwork and rebuilding business models for a more sustainable future.

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Challenge by Keychange

Challenge by Keychange

How can we support underrepresented voices in music during the pandemic to sustain progress towards equality in music by 2022?

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By Live Music Estonia

By Live Music Estonia

How will music and culture venues as well as promoters and festivals around the world survive this crisis? What could be the innovative, progressive income stream that would be in accordance with the quarantine rules?

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by Tallinn Music Week

By Tallinn Music Week

Many of the arts and creative sector players have not yet fully embraced the era of digitalisation. Now we are forced to do so. While live streams of music and theatre performances, as well as gallery excursions, are taking place, we think the real innovation is still yet to emerge. How to find your way down the digital path in constant information overload and the abundance of available options? How to monetize the digital presence by developing the activities into new business opportunities? How to make your creative brand relevant on the global scale, now that it has reached online? Out of uncertainty, discomfort and reevaluation we hope to build a more sustainable future and upgrade the role of Arts & Creativity in the society.

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We have the winners!

Top 3 teams

Top 3 teams

10 000€

Though the total usage of internet-streaming services has surged by between 50% and 70%, starting from January 2020, most of the popular platforms are still hard to monetize as they do not offer pay per view option and their links are easily sharable.

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Pandemic made travel almost impossible, and for people from risk groups, such as 50+, it will probably be still hard to travel for an extended period of time even after the situation normalizes. As a tourism expert, I expect that tourism activities have a dramatic decrease on the long run.

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Mingle Video

We hope to solve the aforementioned video communication issues in communities that are larger than 5 and smaller than 25. That is, we want to make it easy to reach out to your peers and to collaborate more organically.

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With lockdown, the performing arts are suffering from the lack of direct contact and "energy transfer" between performers and audience. We are creating a platform where audience is visible to the artist and to each-other, much like on the real venue at the event or festival, by turning their webcams on and allowing capture the pictures of the spectators.

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Art is fundamental in the daily life, yet it became kind of luxury being sold by galleries. It is not widely accessible as it could be. Young artists on the other hand struggle with getting presented by galleries, so they have to promote their art with Instagram and other socials. There is no way people can "try" the art before buying it.

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We have designed an innovative economic system powered by blockchain, to run the first Decentralised Global Collective of Creators.

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We hope to reduce the spread of misinformation specifically about the spread, treatments of Covid-19 which is potentially more harmful than the virus itself. There have been so many cases of needless death all of which could be prevented by the right information delivered in a manner that reaches across different age groups

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MyBubble takes the technology to help measure social distance, gamifies it to recognize and reward, and wraps it together with a positive attitude to make social distancing fun!

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Event Search

We want to help event organizers promote their online events absolutely for free.

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We're thinking beyond COVID-19 pandemic, so we built an Airbnb-like platform to book artists globally via live streaming. Imagine getting Richard Marx, Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran to perform at your birthday party, virtually!

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These experts will be available to you throughout the event to mentor you in case you're stuck or need a second opinion.

Adrian le Bas

Developer Experience Lead at MakerDAO


Andrus Purde

Co-Founder/CEO of Outfunnel


Hans Van Avendonk

Change leader, Brand builder


Helen Sildna

Head of Tallinn Music Week and Shiftworks


John Robb

Musician, writer, activist, author of 9 books on pop culture, founder of Louder Than War website


Katie Longmyer

Good Peoples Global


Kaydi Tomson

Marketing Project Manager / Entrepreneur


Lara Alsoudani Weeks

Designer & Creative Strategist


Mary Glazkova

VP of PR and Communications at Wheely


Maxie Gedge

Keychange Project Manager


Molly Fannon

Museum for the United Nations - UN Live


Oisin Lunny

Barcelona Technology School


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    Sales & Marketing

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    Public sector innovator

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    Tech - full stack software, Tech - devops or cloud, Design

  • runa ray

    Design, Fashion

  • nathaniel hogen

    Artist 👩‍🎤

  • jana budkovskaja

    Business development, Public sector innovator

  • kennedy pugh

    Performing Artist, Actor

  • kaydi tomson

    Sales & Marketing, Design

  • hans van avendonk

    Sales & Marketing, Business development

  • oliver graham-yooll

    Business development, Growth Strategy Consultant, Investments, Business Design

  • john robb

    music culture

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  • adrian le bas

    Tech - full stack software, Tech - mobile apps, Tech - software front end, Product management, Design

  • annabelle bockwoldt

    Sales & Marketing, Business development, Product management

  • alex bricov

    Sales & Marketing, Business development, Design

  • stephen donofrio

    Sales & Marketing, Business development, Partnerships, Public Art Production

  • chiara leonardi

    Design, Strategy & Service Design